Virus from www-dot-appround-dot-us

  • 2 February 2014
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Whenever I go to the weather site, a second tab pops up advising me to go to appround-dot-us and download something to make the PC run or stream faster.

I use Webroot anti-virus, which immediately blocks any forced downloads, but I have a suspicion that something might have been downloaded that triggers the second tab to appear. I searched Control Panel, but couldn't find anything.
No issues when not using a browser, but I do get this pop-up when using either Firefox or Chrome.

Forgot to mention that the pop-up tab takes me to this web site: www-dot-.mypcbackup-dot-com, by means of this URL:www-dot-lpcloudsvr302-dot-com/725A482A73486B6671742822343A614E..

Sometimes an ad for something called "Lightspark Player Pro" pops up in yet another tab.

Has anyone here encountered this virus?



2 replies

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Hello Arcturus66 and welcome to the Webroot Community!
It sounds like instead of a virus, you might have what we call a PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application).  Possibly a browser toolbar or 'helper'.  Take a look at this KB Article on PUA's, and you can also contact Support for help if you cannot locate it from the suggestions in the KB.
OK, here's a simple solution that works:

Go to the Firefox "Help" tab and click on "Troubleshooting Information". Then click on the Reset Firefox button in the upper right of the page. This will release all your settings and return Firefox to its default settings. In my case, this also wiped out the "appround" junk that had been attached to the browser.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the attention,