Wanna get rich? Don't build an app

  • 25 August 2014
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By Nancy Gohring | CITEworld/ Posted on August 25, 2014
It's every developer's dream: Win fame and fortune for creating a mobile app that sells like wildfire.
Unless you work for a huge established company, keep dreaming.
ComScore released a U.S. Mobile App Report last week and made some interesting discoveries. It found that nine of the top 10 most used apps were built by six huge tech companies: Facebook, Google, Apple, Yahoo, Amazon, and eBay.
If you cast a slightly wider net, the scene starts to look slightly better but still not great. Those same six brands account for 16 of the top 25, and 24 of the top 50 apps, ComScore found.
At the same time that those giants dominate the mobile app landscape, the majority of people don't even bother to try anything new. ComScore found that 65.5 percent of smartphone users download zero new apps each month. There's this small category of people -- 7 percent of smartphone users -- that downloads like crazy, accounting for half the monthly app downloads and skewing the average up.
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