What do Laundry Symbols Mean? Your iPhone Will Tell You!

  • 6 November 2023
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by: Paul Horowitz


Your iPhone can help to decipher those crazy laundry symbols on your clothes, but if you didn’t know that, you’re certainly not alone.

Anyone who has ever done laundry in their lifetime has undoubtedly looked at the back of a clothing tag and seen a variety of symbols, some of which may seem sort obvious, while other symbols look like some convergence of hieroglyphics and greek. But, your iPhone has a great built-in feature that will translate those laundry symbols, helping you to make sense of what you’re supposed to do with your clothing, towels, sheets, and whatever other laundry you’re doing.


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2 replies

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This is fantastic. I did not know this and as the one who does our laundry, I am constantly trying to remember what those darn little symbols mean. They are not obvious. This is a great tip. 


Thanks for the post. My favorite of the week!  😀

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This is cool. Like it identifying plants. I saw this article recently and it works. Ironically I had recently googled what the icons meant just before I saw this