When is a big screen TOO big? Samsung unveils the aptly named Mega-phone with 6.3inch screen

  • 17 April 2013
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[It is the biggest smartphone on sale, with a giant 6.3inch screen.
Samsung's new Mega Galaxy handset look more like a tablet than a phone - and has already been slammed as 'just too big'.
Samsung hopes the big design will appeal to commuters and others who regularly watch films on their gadgets.]
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The screen size could be really useful. But I absolutely don't like phablets. I'd rather prefer a tablet and a phone.

1 reply

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Yes, I totally agree. Everything what is over 5" isn't a phone. 5" size is the maximum what can be operated by one hand. Not for nothing a mobile phone is often called "handy". Can we say that phones with the screen size over 5" are "handy", surely not. I wish the mobile manufacturers would share my opinion.