WSA android premium stays in Google play account

  • 18 October 2012
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First of all I am aware that the issue I am going to explain here doesn't primarily belong to Webroot. It is rather Google's issue. Anyway maybe somebody experienced the same problem and might shed more light on how to solve it.
I had installed Android Premier Paid. I switched my license to Complete two days ago by the following steps.
1) I uninstalled Premium
2) Downloaded Complete from the Google play, installed and activated
Looking into installed applications in my HTC, I see there only Complete being installed, no mentions about Premier. That's alright.
However looking into Google play account there is Premier as being installed and requiring update or uninstalling. Please see below snap:

If I uninstall Premier, it is back within a few minutes. If I start updating, it is downloading Premier to my HTC what I cancelled immediately because I don't want to have installed Premier and Complete together. Moreover I think there might be a compatibility issues then. So it is a circle in fact from which is no way to get out.
So how can I get rid of Premier from my Google play account? As I said it is just problem on Google account, in my device and MyWebroot console there are only Complete installed.
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2 replies

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I uninstalled Complete from my HTC and installed back. Premier disappeared then from my Google play account. Now there is only Complete visible.
So if someone would be experiencing the same thing, please follow the above steps.
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NICE, pegas! Way to figure this one out. 
Thanks for posting this to the Community just in case others run into the same issue. We'll have to make this into a Tribal Knowledge Base article.