Any Testing API keys available?

  • 6 July 2021
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Hi wondering if there are any testing API keys available, rather than using live site and live API secret keys etc


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Hi @ggroup,

If you mean test GSM/Parent Keys, generally no.  But if there are compelling reasons, your sales team may be able to help you. 

In general, most Unity API calls are non-invasive, so testing can be done using SkyStatus Scope calls, and other informational calls.  If you would like to test more invasive calls, then I would recommend Creating a Test Site and Test Endpoints, and practice with those.  

If you are asking the question because you have a single-site Console and you would like to test some invasive Unity API calls.  You can, if you wish, set your console as a multi-site console and create a Test Site and add Test Endpoints, and run invasive calls without impacting live users. 

If I’ve missed the point, please let me know.