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  • 1 March 2020
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Is there an API to fetch, update and assign Overrides? I tried to check the API document but didn’t find one or maybe I missed it. Any info on this? If unsupported, any idea when it will be supported? Thanks


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4 replies

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Hi Ronnel, we currently don’t support Overrides in the Unity API and don’t have plans to add this. However, if enough people request a feature, ideas will be put forward for review.

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Thanks @cbullas , will be tracking on this, hopefully it will be supported soon.

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Hey @ronnel 


We use the API for quite a lot of things, but Overrides isn’t really one of them. You want to avoid using Overrides at all costs anyway as too many will slow down the agent on the system. 

You are better off running undetermined reports and getting lists of the hashes and work with support to whitelist anything you need instead.




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Would be really useful for GSM overrides. If you can some how manage site overrides, GSM overrides are nightmare at this point. How can we get this feature suggested. I am building a smaller helper app in C#. Looking forward to see this feature on C# API.