I would like to know if there's some reference as to what these 'Actions Taken' are in these JSON result?

  • 2 November 2020
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This JSON result from GET /service/api/console/gsm/{gsmKey}/sites/{siteId}/dnsp/trafficbycategory contains a data that says ActionTaken. Is there a list of what these actions are? or this is something internal? 




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Hi @lvincent7,

Great question, so I will answer directly, but also more generically to help other users navigate the documentation easier. 

As a direct answer, 4 is: "This request for domain is allowed based on an override set for your organization".  

Generally speaking most of the information you are looking for can be found somewhere within the Unity API documentation, but it may be a couple of clicks away.  In this case, if you click on the link under “Requests” you will then get a further breakdown of the fields inside “Requests”.

You will then get a breakdown of all the fields and their meanings.  Within there you can see “ActionTaken”.

If you then click within “ActionTaken”, you will then get a further breakdown of all the actions taken. 

Hope all this make sense.



Thank you @ngoknel! Indeed, that’s some drilling down there.