Unity API - Open API preview release

  • 8 July 2020
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As part of making it easier to use the Unity API we have released a preview version of Open API support.  Here are a few details.

 Let us know what you think!

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4 replies

I have an MSP using webroot. I would like to use webroot API for scanning my uploaded files. Can I do that without asking the MSP? (Or do I have to install the webroot sw with my keycode)


BR Ole

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Hi @oleatjussysdotno,

I’m not sure I fully understand the question.  Can you elaborate on your environment please?  For example, do you have access to a Webroot console?  Do you currently have Webroot endpoint security protection installed on your endpoints?  Where are you uploading files to?



I do not have access to a Webroot console, only the MSP have that. I do have Webroot endpoint security protection installed on your endpoint, and it is under control of the MSP. I am uploading files to my web server, that is hosted by the MSP. So, can I use the API to AV check the files?

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Okay brilliant @oleatjussysdotno, I think I understand what you wish to accomplish.  

The Unity API requires 2 sets of credentials; API layer credentials to access the API and application layer credentials to access the Console or other applications.  Both of these are generated and maintained by the MSP.  It may be worthwhile approaching your MSP with this request to see what can be done.  

If the files are already originating from your PC, you can initiate a local scan before uploading them.  Right-Clicking on the file or folder should allow “Scan with Webroot” option.  If the webserver has Webroot installed then file writes are monitored for malware.