Unity API use cases--discuss with other customers

  • 12 August 2019
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Hi all,
Recently I joined Webroot to work with customer advocates in the Luminaries program.

I've talked with a few customers and our API product manager about Unity API. During these discussions I've learned that many customers haven’t used Unity API yet, and that community members on this forum are early adopters. I'm planning an informal webinar for Luminaries to share Unity API use cases and I'd like to invite power users to join.

If you'd like to showcase how you use the API, please let me know. I could hand presenter view over to you for a few minutes if you’d like. And, if you wanted to create a slide or two, I'd be happy to help. Look forward to working with you all.


2 replies

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We are using the Webroot API in our Jupiter Server Product (which is a API Aggregator) . 


Included is a Windows Client supporting Webroot. 


Happy to be included in any presentation or chat more offline

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Hi @dentaur Good to hear from you! I would like to chat more about your use case--I’ll reach out.