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  • 13 December 2019
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Hi everyone, I need a report that has the following data

1) site name
2) jobs bought
3) workplaces installed
4) Workstations deactivated

Can anyone help me with this?


9 replies

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Hi, thanks for you comment. So:

  1. Site name - Every report out of the box has has that as they are created per site
  2. Jobs bought - Please define what you mean by this and given an example
  3. Work places - Are you referring to groups? 
  4. Workstations deactivated - Assuming you mean Endpoints where WSA is deactivated

It will be easier to understand if you provide an example of what you are after.

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Hi, the report 

  1. Site Name → the name of my customer
  2. Colum B → licenses buy to the customer
  3. Colum A → licenes installed by the customer
  4. i want the different form colum A and colum B for the invoices to my customer 
  5. I would like a printout of the disabled PCs so that I can have them deleted by webroot




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Hi, so the tool is built to create reports per site, ie if you have 4 customers you get 4 reports.

If you run a report for “Endpoint: Extended with Shields and Modules”, then look at the ‘sites’ sheet. There you have ‘Total Endpoints’ and ‘DeviesAllowed’ fields. You could play with modifying the reports first page to reference these fields and create a column to do the calculation.

There is an “Endpoint: usage” report that has more intelligence that the above. To get more details on how this works see https://unityapi.webrootcloudav.com/Docs/en/APIDoc/APIReference#apiReference-SkyStatus-StatusReporting

On point 5, I’d reach out to support or your account manager for that. 

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ok the report might be fine.
But is there the possibility to modify the "Endpoint Usage" report that prints all the sites instead of one page per site?

Also how can I edit the report based on what you told me?

CLiente - Licenses Purchased - Licenses activated - Difference in licenses

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Hi, so on you first point, the tool was designed to ‘facilitate the showing of security product value to the MSPs end customers’ . So by that it would be on a site by site basis. However the at heart of the tool are Scripts and use Cmdlets, theses main scripts could be modified to  work at the GSM level a and not  site. This would require Powershell knowledge and  not be be supposed by the UI. I hope that makes sense. 

Bear in mind that the console has a wealth of GSM level reporting. 

On your second point, again this is at GSM level by your system. We don’t know what you are billing your customers, but if you want to see all sites usage (End Points seen in last 30 days) you can look at the Usage portal, see here

This is found in the Webroot console, ‘Setting/ Account information / My usage’, note you can also export this to PDF. 


Now, sites have seat and device counts, but that isn’t the  same as ‘Usage’.  Is that what you are billing for? ie these 2 values?



Hi, I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask this question but its related to the webroot universal reporter though. 

Where can I set parameters in Excel like specific site categories? Can I set them in Excel or in Powershell?



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Hi @lvincent7 ,

I’ve been looking into this question, but not sure what you mean.  Would you mind adding a bit more context as to what you would like to achieve please?



Hi @ngoknel ,


Thank you for responding. I think I was able to figure out where I can find the site categories. But is there a limit in terms of how many categories can be included in one setting? I’m seeing 2 categories in the sample report. Can I do more than that?




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Hi @lvincent7,

Glad you were able to figure it out.  You can add more categories, but the reason for dividing reports into smaller chunks and limiting categories was to minimize the time it takes to parse through the data, which can get very large.  

As you’ve probably seen, the Universal Reporter is limited to the ALLOWED DNS categories available within the Unity API.  They can be seen here and listed below:

Traffic can be queried for the following DNS Protection categories:

  • 3 - Financial Services
  • 7 - Shopping
  • 14 - Social Networking
  • 25 - Streaming Media
  • 31 - Peer to Peer
  • 34 - Games
  • 42 - Sports
  • 47 - Personal Storage
  • 55 - Web based email
  • 81 - Motor Vehicles

FYI, unlike BLOCKED traffic, on a large site, over a 30 day period, ALLOWED traffic records can become huge, so we are currently looking into different ways of presenting these within the Unity API to minimize the time taken to download and parse through the data.  

Hope this helps,