Users endpoint protection access has expired

  • 21 January 2022
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'{"statusCode":403,"requestId":"66597b2c-ba7e-4295-83dd-5db4fd0386c8","error":null,"error_description":"Error(LISTDEVICES0008): Users endpoint protection access has expired","AdditionalInformation":{"transname":"LISTDEVICES","languagecode":"EN"}}'I

I assume that this issue might have caused If the submitted access token does not contain the required scope (see Service Extensions and Scopes) for the requested API call, the server responds with an HTTP 403 (Forbidden) status code and the message "error": "insufficient_scope".  But the error here is null and the scope I passed was ‘*’.

It only takes a few seconds to make that request. Span of 300sec is huge for that request, so access token expiration is unlikely to happen. I am not able to understand what `Users endpoint protection access has expired` mean.

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Hi @Pushkar,

Thanks for the question.

The issue appears to be related to either the Site Key expiring, assuming a Trial Site, or the main Parent Key expiring, which will effect all sites.  Please check the status of the License using one of the Usage Reports found here:

Hope this helps with resolving the issue.