Webroot API - Add LastSeen Date in Endpoint Status GSM query

  • 27 February 2021
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I want GET a liste of EndPoints not seen since x days in Gsm

Query /service/api/status/gsm/{gsmKey}&returnedInfo=BasicInfo,OSAndVersions  for all EndPoints (1400 active and many inactive) always failed before the end.

Query /service/api/console/gsm/{gsmKey}/sites/{siteId}/endpoints$sSiteID for each site (280 actives) takes a very long time.

Or is there a way to GET all EndPoints without error ?


3 replies

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Hey @JohnDuke,

You are calling the right APIs to get a list of endpoints, that provide the info you need.  However, I’m concerned that the GSM call is failing for you.  We are actively investigating the issue and would like to track back what is happening to your specific calls.  I will reach out to you directly to gather more information.

Thanks very much,


Did this ever get resolved or is this investigation ongoing? I am interested in pulling the same report at the Account level and not the site level.

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Hi @BrandonN,

I’ve reached out to JohnDuke directly but did not get a reply, so I’m not sure of the issue at hand. 

In general, the Unity API gets around 700 Million calls a month and a large proportion is SkyStatus calls and we have not observed any issues or support calls.  

It’s worthwhile checking the following:

  1. The Continuation token is not being used correctly
  2. Access Token time is running out before a call in progress is complete

The SkyStatus call typically returns a large amount of data.  If the data returned is larger than allowed to complete in one call time, a “Continuation Token” is sent, which has to be used to carry on the call from where it left off.  If the data is very large, even the Access Token needs to be refreshed using a Refresh Token before the call can continue.  The call therefore may appear to fail if the above tokens are not being handled in the right way.

It’s very difficult to be specific without fully knowing the issue.