Camera/microphone access in Webroot SecureAnywhere Business - Mobile Protection on Android?!

  • 10 July 2014
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I stopped updating my WSA business Android mobile client because I found that it needs camera/microphone access!
Why is this special access added to the software when on the other hand there is not any feature using it?!
Link to the software I talk about on Google Play is:
Does Webroot want to spy on us?
Please remove this access from the software.

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3 replies

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I don't think that Webroot wants to spy in you/us and their consumer products also don't need the permission for camera/microphone.
I rather think that they need the permission because of the policies which can be defined or some feature; I don't have a subscription for WSA mobile so I can't do any testing or see which capabilites it has; is the secure browser included?
It could also be possible that the permission is needed for new feature which isn't released but already implemented.

Of course only a developer can give us a clear answer to this question.

BTW: Does your phone or Android ROM include a setting to block certain permissions for different apps? If yes, you could block the camera for WSA.
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I'm checking with some folks here to get more background.
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Ok, got an answer back.  We're about to add a feature where after a certain number of unsuccessful login attempts, a photo of the person trying to login will be taken and sent to the owner of the phone, along with their location and IP address.  That way you can give that to the police and track down who stole (or found) your phone.  This will only happen if you've locked the phone remotely, and we won't be taking pictures for any other reason.  Hope that helps!