Webroot Mobile Protect installation problems

  • 19 November 2015
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Your sales team set me up with Mobile protection console yesterday & I created a bed of testers so we can start looking out its useful ness.   At this time only users with Androids (myself included) can get the app installed.  There is no option for the Microsoft phones & Apple users are recieving this error: 
" The portal server is not correctly configured with a valid certificate needed to manage iOS devices.  Please contact your administrator to resolve this issue. "
I have emailed sales & opened up a ticket  - neither have added any comments.  - now I'm reading in the community board that apple won't allow it to install, puzzling me - why would sales be pushing this product if it won't install?
Thanks for any assistance on this

1 reply

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It sounds like you might not have setup the Apple MDM certificate. See this doc for the procedure:

Let me know if that works!