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  • 16 January 2019
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The current customization options for the DNS block page is a little lacking. We added a mailto link in the page to send an email to request a site be unblocked/updated. This goes to our ticketing system. The issue though is that many end users forget to put in the site they need unblocked, so it creates additional overhead in reaching out to the end user to find out which site it is that needs to be corrected. (Most of the time, the site is just categorized incorrectly.)

Is there any way to get this information available or to edit the customization text as HTML instead of a WYSIWYG text editor? If we could edit as HTML I could add in a tiny javascript tag that would pull the address and incorporate that into the mailto link so we would always have the correct site that needs to be unblocked.

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5 replies

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I do not believe there is a way to customize the DNS Block Page to be able to pull the URL being blocked. The Admin should be able to use the DNS reports available in the Reports tab of the GSM to find the domain that was blocked. You could add text to the Block page requesting that users provide the URL when submitting their ticket, or the admin could pull a DNS report when he receives tickets so he can see what we blocked. If you would like to discuss further, please feel free to reach out to our support team at 1-866-254-8400.
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Been there, did that. End users don't read.

That's why I created this post in the first place. This minor functionality needs to be incorporated into the block page features. If there was an html editor for the page instead of just a WYSIWYG, it would be trivial to add in a bit of Javascript to fix it.

The problem with using the DNS reports is that the information can take some time to be available as the block information is not updated until the webroot client checks in with the console. This could take several hours to update and the client often needs the site unblocked before then.
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In that case, I would recommend that you submit a feature request here, and our product team will take a look.
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Hi @netmc

Thank you for the note. While I understand the benefits of this, the idea to use a simple editor was to make the editing easy without having to write html on their own.

recently we have included a link to submit a change request in the dialog box where you can enter details that takes you to: . Please feel free to use it while we consider this request in our backlog.

Also, I just wanted to comment on the reports update - In the console, the report data is updated w/in 30mins not hours.

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Hi @kkumar, can you please clarify regarding this link to Brightcloud change request. I don't see this available on my end, except for the Webroot Browser Extension that has it when it detects a malicious site. When the browser extension isn't active, then it does not provide the link you mentioned when detected using DNSP.

Thank you.