DNS Protection Policies?

  • 10 August 2020
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Can anyone tell me where I should make new DNS protection policies?


If I go to the larger policies at the top, these don’t show up in DNS protection. If I go to the cog for DNS protection, you can only choose a policy for the site as a default. If I go into the client this is to manage Endpoint Protection.


We have a customer, say “steve inc” for example, I need half to have one DNS policy but the other half another, it would seem this is impossible?


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Hey @ethanhelio 


In order to create DNS policies or copy existing ones to modify, you need to be at the top level of your GSM Management Console.  You click the Policies tab, then you click DNS. From there you should see the default policies in place for DNS. You can make copies of them and adjust to your hearts content. Once you’ve saved those policies, you need to make sure that if you are using the endpoint DNS agent, that your endpoint policy is set to deploy/install that agent. If not you can skip it. 

Once you are done that, to deploy you need to go to the groups tab to assign the policy to the endpoints you want. Find  your site in the left hand side, select it and then select the endpoint(s)  you wish to apply a policy to. 

I’d kinda wish that directly in the client site itself you could apply and modify DNS policies for JUST that client or person instead of having a huge number of various DNS policies showing in the top level, but that might be somethign in the future for Webroot to work on. 

See attached images for some visual reference. 

Hope this helps

John Hart