How do I block all websites, but just allow a few

  • 27 April 2021
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I need to block all websites except for six that are allowed on the computers.  This is a very locked down environment.  I don’t see a way to block “ALL websites” and only allow just a handful.


wildcards do not work





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6 replies

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Hey there @gt727hp ,

I’ll ping one of our product experts to see if he can help out.

@dstokes1  - Is there a way to block all websites except just a few via DNS settings?

Hey there gt727hp,

We just started using the product and want the same result, but from some testing if you block every single type of category available it essentially becomes a block list. Then you can go in and manually allow each site/domain that you want.

You find this under Policies>DNS Protection and then select the DNS you want to lock down. Then just select every optional selection.

I haven’t found a site that does work without being manually allowed so far with all categories enabled.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for confirming.  I just figured that same scenario out yesterday with blocking all categories.  It appears on one of our tests also that it basically blocks everything when you do that.   :)


And thank you for confirming. Good to know it’s working elsewhere too!

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Just know that if a VPN connection is established, it’ll easily bypass all of those settings. 

We are hoping with a “corporate VPN” connection that if DNS forwarding is setup to point to Webroot DNS servers that the policy of being locked down still works.  I could understand if a third party VPN is used to hide someone’s activity (like UltraVPN), but if using our corporate should work.  We will be testing that this weekend.  fingers crossed it works...if it doesn’t then this product is useless to us.