WebRoot DNS Web Filter Overwritten while connected to VPN

Hello all,

I saw a few other forum posts about this topic with no replies.

When an offsite domain workstation connects to our VPN, all of the webroot DNS filters are overwritten and they can access any website. When disconnected from the VPN, the web filter takes effect again almost immediately.

We plan to take a look on our end with the firewall, but wanted to bump this question since it seems to be a popular one and I wasn’t sure if anyone has come across a solution.

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So far there isn’t any solution. If you are using a VPN software such as Cisco Anyconnect to connect back to the office, then support might be able to work from you. 

Other than that, any VPN program will render the DNS agent useless. 

I’m hoping there’ll be a way, since the agent watches the network connections for the entire OS, for it to be able to take over DNS once a VPN connection is established. 

Very difficult task though since a lot of VPN programs work differently. 
Heck, even Webroots own rebranded SaferVPN bypasses DNS Protection agent settings. 

Thank you for the response!

Yes, very tricky. We’re currently reviewing these docs to see if we can get it to work the way we want it too. If we have any breakthroughs I’ll respond here!