account setup does not send me the email confirmation

  • 22 November 2015
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I am still trying to get my new upgrade version of webroot user account setup does not send the confirming email.

1 reply

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If I may ask whether you are referring to, in terms of "upgrade", what I call a 'proper' renewal, i.e., adding time to your existing keycode/subscription or 'psuedo renewal', i.e., purchasing further time as a new subscription, as there is a subtle difference in terms of what to expect as a result?
In the case of the former; the 'proper' renewal, as you are adding time to an existing subscription your keycode does not change and therefore there is no requirement to enter a key code should just see the number of days subscription increase by the number bought, i.e., what is currently left + new subscription period (in the case of a Best Buy renewal this does not happen as the renewal only takes effect on actual expiry).  To check look to the right of the 'Subscription' literal in the centre of the main WSA panel.
In the case of the latter; the 'psuedo renewal', because you are effectively taking out a new subscription you will need/should expect a new keycode (this often happens due to finding a better 'deal' than the official renewal from Webroot (or Best Buy), in which case what Noddy has suggested as a course of action is the right one, and usually work...but not always as sometimes the Webroot back office does not work smoothly and it can take time for the 'renewal' to register.
To check as to where the issue may lie I would recommend checking with your credit card provider and seeing if the payment has been applied to your account; if so then most likely the issue is with the back office at Webroot but if not then you will need to contact the provide to query why the payment has not gone through.  Normally we find it is the former rather than the latter...but just occassionally it can be down to actual payment problems.
I hope that the above helps to clarify the position a bit?
Regards, Baldrick.