Best Router for Gaming

  • 9 July 2015
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Hello community,
I am in the process of moving to a house with 4 different levels of the house. I am looking for a new router where the range will be good for the whole house. Also, I do enjoy video games, so keep in mind something for a gamer, Thanks!

5 replies

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I got one of these and it covers three floors of my house, plus half way down the street - way better than any wireless AP I've used.  You can just plug it into your cable or DSL modem, without needing another router in between:
Thanks Nic, I will definetly be looking into this. IS it hard to setup or anything?
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Not if you do it right - you do need to have a laptop on the same wired connection with the router for the initial configuration, as there's a web-based console you log into. After that it takes no maintenance though.
Ok, thanks again for explaining!
I was going to get 1 of the nighthawk routers, but I have been seeing other brands were better like asus for the same price. I personally have always had a Netgear.