computer dies every 30 minutes.

  • 11 December 2014
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Do you have any idea why my computer dies every 30 minutes. I used Webroot. Webroot says "no threats found".

2 replies

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Hello Sofie91856,

Welcome to the Community Forum!

Welcome to the Community Forums...:D

That is not much to go on, but if you are a new member here are you also a new user of WSA, have you recently installed anything on your system? If so did the behaviour that you are reporting happen before or after you installed WSA? Is this a new Computer?

Let's go with that for starters and see what that reveals.

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Hello there!
When you say the computer dies, does it provide any error messages or is it a sudden power down without warning and without proper Windows shut down?
If it is a sudden shut down, that COULD be a major hardware issue such as the power supply or mainboard overheating, or a 'loose connection' that disrupts when warm enough.