Dead Space™ (PC Game) for Free in Origin 'On the House'

  • 27 March 2014
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About 'On the House'
  • Free?! What's the catch?
  • There's no catch. Grab full games, expansions and more at absolutely no cost. Just make sure to act fast because On the House specials can appear and disappear at any time.
  • You mean a trial or demo, right?
  • Nope. You’re getting a full version of the real game — for free!
  • How long will I own the game?
  • Once you’ve claimed your game, it’s yours to keep!
  • Why is Origin doing this?
  • We're gamers, too. We appreciate you making Origin your gaming home ... and besides, who doesn't like free stuff?

1 reply

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Pity I already own it 🙂  First World Problems, I guess.