Divekick makes its two button fighting debut on Xbox One

  • 8 October 2014
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By John Callaham
There's not that many fighting games to choose from for the Xbox One so the release of Divekick should be a welcome one for fans of the genre. The game, developed by Iron Galaxy Studios, already has a big following on the PC, PS3 and PS Vita and is now available for purchase and download for Microsoft's console for $9.99.
Divekick's big gameplay feature is that it ditches the analog stick and only uses two buttons, which forces players to use their skills, rather than combo attacks, to defeat their opponents. Here's a quick description:
"14+ completely unique and original characters, each with their own fighting style and special techniques · Includes Divekick: Addition Edition update featuring a new playable character, new stage, and multiple balance changes for existing characters · A story for every character in the game, including an intro, ending, and rival battles · Ranked and non­ranked GGPO­powered online play, the most trusted netcode in fighting games. Includes ranking boards for each character and overall · Local VS play for 2 players, with quick & easy button reconfiguration."
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It's a fun game with a very goofy sense of humor.