Found a new highly addictive iOS game - Twenty

  • 8 June 2015
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It's similar in style to Threes, but with a timer on it:
Here's an awesome review someone wrote about it:
If you enjoy the elegant, rational freedom of Threes, you will also enjoy the brutish, Hobbesian nightmare of this game. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

6 replies

So now we know what all the "Hard Working" employees at Webroot do all day long. It is all becoming clear now.
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Don't rat me out 🙂
You do realize you have the right to remain silent. Oh wait you already confessed to it in a previous post. Well I think even F. Lee Baily would have a hard time proving your innocence.
I personally don't want another addictive game. A friend told me about Crosswalk Traffic and I have been hooked ever since. Simple game, very NON Politically Correct, I just love watching the Fat lady get run over.
Crosswalk Traffic
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Yeah they are a double-edged sword.  I got heavily hooked on Threes and played it every spare minute for about a year.
Now that we are talking about it I am being drawn back to play it. Blame you NIC. You are a enabler. I have an addiction and you are just enabling this addiction. Now I have to go to a meeting at GA (Gamers Anonymous). You realize how embarrassing it is for a 50 year old to admit to a room of 18 years olds I have a problem. Thanks a bunch pal.