Gender balance among gamers almost at parity

  • 25 April 2014
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New research from ESA finds that 48% of gamers are women, which is a pretty big jump.  Full article here.  This certainly matches my anecdotal experience, particularly among the younger generations.

2 replies

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I would say the percentage is fairly close with what i've experienced in gaming circles.In fact,in the mmo circles i frequent,i'd say it's upwards of 60% female,and i'd say that's a wonderful thing.It's usually a blast playing a game with great,level headed people.It's also amazing how many gamers have heard of,and are using Webroot to protect their PC's.I have yet to come across a gamer who has used Webroot and was not thrilled with it.I remember gaming in the late 80's early 90's when gamers were overwhelmingly male.Gaming is so much more fun and competitive now partly due to the more level(gender wise) playing field.It's been fun.It really has.
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That's good to hear that Webroot is making inroads in the gamer community.  @ will be excited to hear that!