Good article from Penny Arcade about how parents should monitor their kids' video game play

  • 9 April 2015
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Last night I was a guest speaker during a PTA meeting at my son’s school. I spoke about video games, ratings and the importance of paying attention to what your kids are playing. I thought it went really well and I figured I’d break down my talk here in case anyone wanted to take some of my ideas and do something similar at their kid’s school.

3 replies

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Hi Webrooters!
This should be read by all parents and grandparents! Excellent information! Just a liitle time with your kids will go far!! Paying attention to them will be the ultimate price of knowing your child!:D
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Great article Nic.
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Yeah I really enjoyed reading it.  And it drove home how much knowledge that a lot of us have about games that many parents don't.  Especially the part where they didn't understand how Free to Play games worked.