Happy 25th birthday, Nintendo Game Boy!

  • 21 April 2014
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25 years ago today, on April 21, 1989, Nintendo first released its Game Boy console in Japan. The impact of the device is still being felt as it became the leader in portable gaming for years and established Nintendo as the biggest force in that particular gaming genre.
The Nintendo website mentions that the Game Boy eventually sold 150 million units worldwide, but its influence extends far beyond just cold sales numbers. The original version, with its black and white screen and its 8-bit games, wasn't the most advanced portable console on the market; other devices like the Sega Game Gear were superior in terms of hardware. However, Nintendo was smart to bundle the Game Boy with perhaps the most addicting and perfect game for the console: Tetris.
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2 replies

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:DAWHAWW.. Nice memories..My Son had one of the later models..the good ol'days..I wish I didn't toss it out..
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Man this makes me feel old.  The original gameboy had the best versio of Tetris ever made, IMHO.