Has anyone had problems downloading programs, because webroot was blocking them?

  • 29 April 2015
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Having trouble downloading files, because webroot thinks there bad. Anyone else have this problem?

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Hello crazy26574,
Welcome to the Community Forum,
May I ask what kind of files are you trying to download? Adobe? PDF? Shockplayer? etc.. It's very important that you downlaod files or and programs from the authors website. I noticed you have posted in the Webroot Gamers. Are these games by chance?
If you are being blocked by Webroot then it is only protecting you from installing these applications for a reason. Third party downloads can come with some prettty bad attachments or PUAs. Webroot is protecting you from malware/ viruses.
Pease check in the following three locations within WSA
1. PC Security > Quarantine > Detection Configuration
2. Identity & Privacy > Protected Applications
3. System Tools > System Control > Control Active Processes
in case the file that you are trying to download or a component of it may have been set to "Protect/Monitor," or "Block/Deny?".
For more information on these features, what they do, the various settings avaialble and considerations to be made before changing settings, etc., please see this KB article.
Check your Firewall by looking here at the USER GUIDE
If you still experience issues then you can submit a Support Ticket free of charge and they can whitelist these files for you if they are a false positive.
Hope this helps!
Kind Regards,