Intel Debuts Gaming-Focused SSDs

  • 28 February 2014
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Capable of transfer speeds of up to 550MBps and IOPs random reads of 89,000, they are faster than consumer SSDs.
They will last an estimated 5+ years, be between 240-480GB and cost roughly $1.00 per GB.
Pre-order and read the full story.

(Source: Intel)

6 replies

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going to have to seriously look at these when I build a new computer later this year, I've used SSDs on some work computers and used one to improve performance on my current (3 y/o) computer @ home and I'm 100% sold on SSDs going forward.
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That is pretty cool; I might have to pick one up.
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Most SSD's have this Performance if not more I use 2 Mushkin not in RAID as laptop doesn't have configuration and almost 3 years now without issues but the new one's are very fast and made in the US!
Read Speed:up to 560MB/sec
Write Speed:up to 520MB/sec
IOPS: 90,000 (4K random write, 4K aligned)
Daniel 😉
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cool going to def be considering those I especially like the fact they're US made.
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I'm thinking about setting up a 4k gaming rig later this year and I will be investing in a SSD and probably keep a 2-3 TB as a media storage.
I'm hoping SSDs and 4k TVs go down in price a bit because I would like dual monitors. :robothappy:
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yea at least 2 monitors is a must imo.