Mike interviewed at LANFest

  • 9 April 2014
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Our very own @ got to be interviewed on Twitch TV.  Way to go Mike!

7 replies

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Well done @!  Good job to Webroot as well.... Nice comments at the start regarding Webroot active participation to the event!
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Excellent @ great Job!
Daniel 😉
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😃 Just wanted to add GREAT job @ 
Having to install Flash player for this..;)
Salute, Sherry
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Thanks TH..
I wanted to thank @ for stopping by the steam and hanging out and telling us more about Webroot. The event was a blast in part because of sponsors like Webroot. They were there interacting with everyone and gave us working the stream a bunch of codes to give out and people watching loved it.
I've been using Webroot ever scenes the Sac lanfest and love it. It’s been protecting my PC while I'm gaming and streaming and hasn't affect me at all. We gave out a ton of codes on the stream and have had nothing but good comments coming back to us. Thanks again to the Webroot team that was at Sac Lanfest
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Hey thank you so much for the positive words and for giving out so many keycodes! Very happy to hear that you're a fan of the product and have tested it while gaming.
I had a blast and look forward to participating at future events. 
Please feel free to reach out to me if you need anything. :D
Twitter:@WebrootGaming @RushCMike
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Thank you Mike R
So cool to be on TV interview, and to rememeber 1 slip on words. And the rest Community Webroot too. I am secure, my grandson is 13 yrs. old gamer introducing Webroot to them, he needs it all going on.

Thank Webroot for caring enough to make the software as good as then before adding anymore features. After all the community is a part of the quality control, and to iron out the bugs. I am proud to be a part.

Thank you for letting me be a part of something so great as this, sharing problems, solutions wow.

Thank you for your time didn't mean to do that said, but I read these thing going on and it's like okay say it.

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