Need Assist with Whitelisting Important almost daily used Software. Webroot Deletes Exe.

  • 1 November 2017
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I've tried 2x Antivir softwares before Webroot & didn't work so now 3x Antivir Softwares deletes the AnkhbotR2 exe. I can't be online without active Antivir & still have 300+ days on Webroot's license. I love Webroot SecureAnywhere cause of it's nice UI design & being very lightweight. So i guess i have to wait for response that solves this problem. That to arrive here at Webroot Forums. AnkhbotR2 is legit secure Software that i've supported with donation & using it almost daily or well until this deletion happened again.

I could reinstall the client to same folder & then get exe file back & all settings that i've made are safe, but Webroot would delete it again in 2-10 days 😕 There's no warning popup about dangerous software, but just direct exe deletion :/ Please let me know how to whitelist AnkhbotR2. At bottom of this page is section "Bot Not Starting after Update" & there situation is detailed.

Kind regards: Sad Webroot Supporter.

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Hello @,
Sorry to hear of the issues you've been having. I've gone ahead and sent this to our Threat Research Team for review.
For reference in the future, you can submit any whitelist requests directly by opening a support ticket.
I'll let you know as soon as I hear anything back. Thanks!
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Good Morning,
Our Team found two cases of false positives associated to AnkhBot. Please rescan to get the newest data.
If you still encounter an issue, please let us know and I'll open a case for you with the Team.
Scan Log from 4.11.2017
Good Day.
Big thanks for 1st msg & to deliver this forward 🙂 Also nice to see that was looked into so soon. Hmm what you mean rescan to get newest data. I need to do Rig scan & then send something to you ? After that i can reinstall AnkhbotR2 & hope that it won't delete Exe again ? If does then get back to you i will. "Yoda moment" x) Reply from one of the Ankhbot Support members:

"We keep sending webroot false positive mails but it keeps getting flagged and they don't allow for exclusions which is pretty poor". After that he recommended another Antivir & moments after he said that maybe this friendly Admin can get this sorted out. Personally i like Webroot most & wanna support you. I hope that Ankhbot would soon be finally whitelisted on your database :)
Kind Regards: Sad Webroot Supporter.
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@, you can absolutely create exclusions using your Web Console. Please reach out to our Support Team if you need help creating them:
Business Technical Support: Call 1-866-254-8400 M-F 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM MT
Open a Support Ticket
Hey JP & thanks again for your assist including links & useful info *Bows Down* 🙂 Moment ago I sent the msg to support 🙂 Here's the Scan Log done with Desktop Client: This Scan is made after AnkhbotR2 was reinstalled & working, but y i know that if not in Exclusions list then it's Exe be deleted again on some day.

So now waiting for reply from Support & hope to get this solved 🙂 Wish you & everyone else at Webroot safe & prosperous Rest of the year & start of 2018 :) Big thanks :)
Kind regards: Webroot Supporter Fedaygin
Got this sorted out. Thanks for the assist & link to support area 🙂 Linked this conversation for them & on same day got the reply 🙂 Wish you Safe Prosperous Path ahead. Happy to buy Webroot Mobile Security soon for mi Android.
Kind Regards: Terry