nVidia 364.72 WHQL

  • 28 March 2016
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What’s New in Release 364
This Game Ready driver brings full support for the Oculus Rift
virtual reality headset, optimizations and enhancements for virtual reality games such as
EVE: Valkyrie, Chronos, and Elite Dangerous, and the latest support for NVIDIA
VRWorks. Make sure your PC is GeForce GTX VR Ready before stepping into the Rift!
The section summarizes the driver changes previously introduced in Release 364.
New Features
? This driver provides support for the Vulkan™ 3D API. More information is available
? Added Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR) support for SLI configurations driving a GSync
? Added SLI support for YUV422 at 4k and YUV420 with 12-bpc at any resolution.
? Power Saving: The driver now puts the GPU in the OFF state, with video memory in
self-refresh mode, when the monitor is blanked or inactive. (Windows 10)
? Added external graphics UI (Windows 10)
? Improved fluidity of ShadowPlay videos for DirectX 12 applications and under SLI.
Application SLI Profiles
Added or updated the following SLI profiles:
• Hitman - SLI profile added
• The Technomancer - SLI profile added
• Zui Zhong Bing Qi (Ultimate Weapon) - SLI profile updated
3D Vision Profiles
Added or updated the following 3DV profiles:
• Call of Duty: Black Ops3 - Not recommended
• Far Cry Primal - Not recommended
• Just Cause 3 - Not recommended
• Need for Speed - Not recommended
• StarWars Battlefront (2015) - Not recommended
• Rise of the Tomb Raider - Updated to 3DVision Ready
Windows 10 Fixed Issues
? [364.54] System hang or BSOD on express installation of 364.54 driver over 364.51
driver with single HDMI monitor connected. [200181626]
? [Razer Dock] Hot unplug then plug causes “Display driver has stopped responding
and has recovered” notification. [200172155]
? [SLI, Tom Clancy's The Division] Frequent freezes and pauses as well as low GPU
usage result in low FPS. [1744361]
? [364.51, SLI] BSOD when SLI enabled on 364.51 or 364.47. [1739730]
? [364.51, SLI] In a multi-monitor configuration with one G-SYNC monitor and one nonG-SYNC
monitor, the FPS in games drops to single digits if Chrome hardware
acceleration is enabled and V-SYNC is off. [1719037]
Windows 8.1/Windows 8/Windows 7/Windows Vista Fixed
? [SLI, Tom Clancy's The Division] Frequent freezes and pauses as well as low GPU
usage result in low FPS. [1744361]
? [359.00] PowerDirector crashes in nvspcap64.dll. [1708900]
Download at http://www.nvidia.com or http://www.geforce.com

6 replies

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Thanks Petr. I have the game , Tom Clancy's The Division besides ...
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Thanks, Petr...even though I do not use a nVidia graphics card it is useful to know that updates will be posted...should I ever decide to go for a system that does use a GPU from that company. ;)
BTW, do you keep tabs on the Radeon-related updates?
Regards, Baldrick
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Hopefully this set of drivers is more stable than the last couple they've put out. They've had a bad run of things lately.
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Hey guys
Accoring to nvidia's forums the new driver seems a lot more stable, a few people are having SLI issues but its being blamed on Ubisoft's side of things with the Division. Lets hope they finally got this all wrapped up. 
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Glad to hear things are going better with this one.
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I got the nVidia update yesterday..