Nvidia Announces SHIELD Console

  • 4 March 2015
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200 gaming titles at launch. One teraflops of computing power. Support for 4K television. Access to a huge, and growing, library of on-demand games. And the ability to delve into a deep well of Android TV apps and entertainment. “Today we are introducing NVIDIA’s first living room entertainment device,” Jen-Hsun Huang told a crowd of more than 900 press, analysts, and game enthusiasts at an event ahead of the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco Tuesday night.
We’ve been working on the technologies we’re talking about today for more than five years. Now, with SHIELD, you can bring it all together in a device that lives near the best screen in your house.

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2 replies

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Wow, I thought this device was a flop.  I'm surprised they are still working on it.
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They are really going for it. I looked at the hand held and didnt like the idea but this is something that I would be willing to spend mulah on, just depends it feels like a market which valve has taken up with the STEAM's Big Picture and steam box or whatever they are called xD
but you never know the badge might help it sell and does anyone remember on live? (https://games.onlive.com/) because I tried that and didnt like it, I just hope this isnt a copy of that but with a fancy box to go with it :/