Origin Mass Effect™ 2 [for PC](Standard Edition) for Free

  • 6 January 2017
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To get your free download of Mass Effect 2, click here to go to the giveaway page, click ADD TO GAME LIBRARY, and follow on-screen instructions to get Mass Effect 2 for free.

3 replies

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Thanks Petr! I will go get that game...
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Though I love EA giving out their older games for free, I have to somewhat interject my opinion.
I was super excited to play Beyond Good & Evil when they gave it away a few months ago since my Brother has raved about it to me for years (and patiently awaited the Sequel if it ever does see the light of day).
The framerate was so choppy that the game was completely unplayable. Mind you this game was released on the Original Xbox! So for today's standards it's a game that virtually any PC/Laptop for the most part should be able to play.
Maybe it somehow was just my System (I don't suffer that issue with any other game), but either way this comic sums up how I feel :cattongue:

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Hi JP.
I agree Steam is far better and I have more games with Steam then Origin..I have had trouble with quality and even playing Origin games.