Overclocking your GPU

  • 4 April 2016
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Hey guys
Just found this old article after trawling PCGamer's website. It is a little bit out of date but a lot of good information in there if you are thinking of getting into the high end performance market. Had some good references to benchmarking software you may need and good points to be aware of, such as knowing you limits and different 3rd party coolers. 
Not a bad read. 
Happy Gaming

4 replies

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Thanks Brad! 
It's always a good read when you can learn alot about this good information here.  ;)
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A word to the wary...be very careful when undertaking any overclocking...it can go diasterously wrong and fry you device. I have heard of some nightmare scenarios that started innocently enough. ;)
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Indeed, one of them being me unfortunately.
When I started overclocking I set up my fab new nividia graphics card and away I went thinking I was awsome, but I must have done something to mess it up back in the day. My system kept crashing, so I just a eager young man went "Meh, it will be fine" eventually burning my GPU down to nothingness... Poor old little guy :(
Also a big warning, a LOT of companies state in their warranty unless it is factory standard overclocked it is not covered. Even if they give you means to do so, like giving you the gun and telling you not to shoot anyone.
This has been an educational story time from brad :P
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Sorry to hear that, Brad...but it is a salutory lesson...unless the manufacter actually provides a mechanism to overclock a CPU/GPU then such things are best left alone.