purchased scam

  • 8 December 2014
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why is it necessary to pay more money for help, when you supposedly have a secure system in place. Was anyone pressured to upgrade system before any help would be provided, purchased in Aug.  Was assisted in installation by iyogi which they now claim is not associated with them; did not pull iyogi out of my hat.  several files were deleted from the start, now no one wants to be accountable. would not recommend Webroot.

2 replies

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iYogi have nothing to do with Webroot. We do not charge for our support its 100% free to all our customers. We can try to fix what they did but there is no guarantee we can repair all the damage as we dont know what they did.  
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I am very sorry you had a bad experience seeking help.  Please remember, as Rakanisheu has pointed out, that Webroot Support is always free.  I do understand how this happened though, and believe me you are not alone.
As a former Geek Squad employee, I can tell you that iYogi is a notorious service that attempts to make themselves appear to be "official" support for a wide variety of software companies.  (Pretty much every AV company, Microsoft, etc etc.  They claim it all.)  They are not official support for anyone, and they are overpriced and very shady in their dealings.  The Geek Squad frequently handles call from customers complaining abou iYogi and the way the do business.
It seems that a vast majority of those taken in by iYogi have found them by using a seach engine looking for help.  Please note that iYogi will often appear at the top of such search results due to the fact the result is a PAID ADVERTISEMENT.  It is always best, no matter what you are searching for, to not use the paid ads at the top of the results.  They will often lead you astray, and some are far worse than iYogi in my experience.