Steam users are being hit by password stealing malware

  • 18 November 2014
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There is a password stealing malware being delivered through Google Drive accounts that steals Steam credentials. It is being spread through Steam's chat functionality. It's a shortened link that when clicked, sends you to an image file stored on Google Drive. It is in fact a .exe file and will steal your credentials when executed.

6 replies

Would our software catch this?
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@ wrote:
Would our software catch this?
Most likely.  We saw several posts about problems with files from Steam a week ago, and @ handled them.  I believe he had the files marked bad before the news even was made public, but perhaps he can verify this?
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Yeah we see loads of these, I went on a bit of a mission last month for all these Steam crackers/password stealers. 
Similar ones that we see:
Paypal money hack
Xbox Live Generator
PS3 Code generator
Dont be cheap folks dont try these! They are nearly always malware 🙂
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Thanks Roy!
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Thank you Roy!  I recalled some of your comments about this last week, but I figured getting it here straight from you would be best 🙂
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You're awesome, Roy!
Thanks for taking care of our gamer customers! :D