Ultima 8 is free on Origin today

  • 29 April 2015
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To get it go here:
You'll need to have the origin client installed.  You don't actually have to download it, but click on the Download Now button and it will then get added to your library to install later.

4 replies

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Thanks Nic! 😃
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Love U8! Myself and my brothers spent days playing it back in the day. The main theme music is a classic
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I spent countless hours on Ultima 4 back on my C64.  I think I stopped playing around U6, but I do need to go back and finish the rest.  They have the whole set available on gog.com:
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Everybody rags on U8 and sure before the massive patch it was awful but I loved it. Apparently U7 is the real crown in the jewel, I have it along with the expansion. I think I might fire it up to see what all the fuss is. But if you stick with U8 its got a great story. It's just a bit crazy when you play it first.