Unable to load Facebook games after installing Webroot

  • 24 January 2015
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Hi all, having trouble loading facebook games since installing Webroot. Some games will load fine but others I just get a blank page. I have updated the Java & adobe just to be sure. If the webroot was interferring with the games I would think it would cause all the facebook games to not load but that is not the case. Any one else have this issue ?? Thanks so much !!

2 replies

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Hello chisbabes,
Welcome to the Community Forum,
Have you checked Facebook permmisions with these games? Have you updated Adobe Flashplayer did you say? I have games that I play also that is connected to FB and I'm not having any issues and I would check FB settings first.
Let us know if you have any luck with FB settings or you can shut off Webroot and see if this is causing any issues. But make sure you re-enable Webroot.
Wish I could be of more help,
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Thank you so much I will try your suggestions :)