Valve begins offering refunds for all Steam games

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Users have 14 days and two hours of active playtime to request money back.

by Kyle Orland (US) - Jun 2, 2015
For more than a decade, Valve has only offered refunds in extreme circumstances for downloadable games purchased on Steam. That ends today, as Valve has announced a new refund policy that applies to every game on the service.
"Maybe your PC doesn't meet the hardware requirements; maybe you bought a game by mistake; maybe you played the title for an hour and just didn't like it," the policy reads. "It doesn't matter. Valve will, upon request via, issue a refund for any reason, if the request is made within 14 days of purchase, and the title has been played for less than two hours." What's more, games that fall outside that 14 day/two play-hour range can still be submitted for a refund request, and Valve says it will "take a look."
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