Webroot Causes ARMA 3 to Stutter

  • 23 July 2014
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I noticed that just after ARMA 3 (a pc game) updated to its latest version, the game started to stutter and the animation was no longer smooth. After some headscratching, I figured out the cause was that Weboot had set the file "arma3.exe" (in Active Processes) to "Monitor." As well, I noticed that my WRDATA folder had grown by 300MB, shortly after the ARMA3 update, which meant that Webroot was journalling the changes being made by the update.
Anyway, I set the "arma3.exe" file to "Allow" and the stutter went away.
Why did Webroot interfere with ARMA3? If indeed Webroot is a "gamer's antivirus" then, shouldn't it allow for updates without the need for users to fiddle with the settings in the Active Process?
I'm beginning to realize that Webroot is intended for use on systems that don't change or update their programs on a regular (daily or weekly) basis. It's on two other laptops in my household whose contents reamin the same (except for monthly Windows updates.) I've had no issues with Webroot on those "static" systems.

6 replies

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I havent had any issue with Arma 3 on my own PC. Can you reply with a set of logs? I can get them from my own PC but that wont be until I get home.
- Open Webroot
- Click on the litte grey cog icon beside the utilities option
- In there click the Reports tab
- On the Reports tab screen under "Scan Log" press the Save scan log.. button
In that report if you scroll to the bottom you will see a file name and path relating to Arma 3. Can you reply with that line please?
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ok...here's the scan log entries that I sent on July 18th to Webroot tech support for whitelisting:

[u] d:arma 3arma3.exe [MD5: A712B316DA6C4259A14EA1355E33406A] [Flags: 40080001.4468]
[u] d:arma 3steamclient.dll [MD5: C2F3A2486C73AA5F084FD92666ADC84A] [Flags: 40000000.4469]

Here are the same files as they appear today in my Scan Log (note: the steam file is not in today's scan log):

[g] d:arma 3arma3.exe [MD5: A712B316DA6C4259A14EA1355E33406A] [Flags: 40000000.4535]

So, you can see the [u] files were classified as [g] and the stuttering went away as a result. Had I not sent these files in, most likely Webroot would have not classified them as [g] for several weeks/months (which has been my experience with files that I do not send in manually to get whitelisted) and the game would have run like crap!
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Welcome greekguy! I don't know much about this issue and if you'd like to submit a support ticket again or maybe Nic, Roy or our MikeR can help you here...
..Looking back to 2013 I'm abit off subject but would like to post this again for newbies or other Webrooters.

This is my response to how awesome Webroot is for gaming. IT'S EPIC!!!!!!
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OK I have whitelisted a couple of thousand Arma 3 files and it should fix this issue for all our customers. I`ll check my home PC logs from Arma 3 later but it should be good to go. 
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But, don't forget the whole point of this thread: Webroot, which is marketed as the antivirus for gamers, by its very design caused a game to slow down. And, I am sure this isn't unique to Arma 3. I'm checking the exe's of my other games just to make sure.
How does Webroot plan to address the issue with [u] files surfacing every time a game is updated? Do you expect users to run scans on a weekly basis and e-mail the logs to Tech Support. If so, then this should be made very clear to all gamer customers, especially those who blindly install Webroot and don't appreciate its nuances.
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I have made some changes to our backend that if it updates it will still be classified as good. As for the initial issue its rare a number of games I play were monitored and it didnt affect them at all (War Thunder, Thief, BF4,DCS World).