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  • 23 January 2014
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Hey all,
Yesterday, we MaXimus from Tweak Arena wrote up a fantastic and comprehensive review about his experiences with a variety of antivirus programs. As a gamer, he needed something that provided powerful protection, yet was light enough so as to not sacrifice PC performance and cause system slowdowns while he was gaming. In his tests, there were always compromises. Until he found SecureAnywhere AV for gamers. 

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2 replies

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As a gamer,i can wholeheartedly identify with the frustration of gamers when it comes to their security choice getting in the way of their gaming enjoyment.I remember what it used to be like before Webroot,to have to set up exceptions,turn some processes off,etc.I can't tell you how many times i've screamed and thrown things over the years due to lag induced by my security choice getting in the way of a crucial moment in an MMO etc.It's been great gaming with Webroot in every conceivable way.Things are so much simpler and stress free now.I highly expect Webroot to be extremely successful with this launch marketed to gamers.I remember the very first time a ran an in-game ping test while running Webroot.It shaved a good bit off my ping.The MMO i had always been playing was responding so much better on a consistent basis than with what i had been using for a security solution previously.I play Guild Wars 2,Tera,Aion,Final Fantasy series, and a few others which don't quickly come to mind,and  i have had a great many friends in those games who had their machines nuked by malware due to their choice,or lack thereof,of security software.The system optimizer is a great tool as well to keep your machine free of privacy risks contained in your pcs digital tracks.I can't tell you how many pc's i've worked on where people were not,or had no concept how to, cleaning and maintaining their pc.It's amazing how sluggish a pc can get when you don't take care of simple maintenance tasks regularly.This gamers package has all a gamer really needs to keep their digital assets safe and gaming experience enjoyable.I was in Best Buy today where a Geek Squad guy was recommending just this software package to an avid gamer who was having a new Graphics Card installed and who was looking for a replacement for his expiring subscription to something else.It's great to see some media outlets are picking up on this.It's tremendously gratifying to see how far Webroot has come.I know Steve Thomas would be proud.
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Awesome MaXimus great job on the review this would of been a good link to point to! http://www.webroot.com/us/en/partners/technology-partners/webroot-intelligence-network
Daniel 😃