Why can this software I just purchased not correct this error>?

  • 5 September 2015
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Why will this software not correct this malware threat?

4 replies

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Hi timcorrigan
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Perhaps if you would give us a little more to go on re. the 'malware threat' we might be able to offer a view/respond more fully to the query.
But from what you say I am guessing that you may well be referring to a PUA or Potentially Unwnated Application, which is in fact non malware but rather nuisanceware or adware at worst in most cases.  Still, anything further that yo can provide to help identify will be good.
Regards, Baldrick
The Product Key I just received is not recognized and the repair process terminates... What do I do now, wait till next week?
Is there any way of contacting customer service?  I have purchased a product and the code is not being recognized.  I there any way of contacting a support function?  Please advise
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Hello ?
So sorry you are having this issue.
If you are receiving error messages when installing the Webroot program, please check the following:

  • Are you typing the keycode in correctly? Many times the characters i/1, o/0, s/5, b/8 and others are confused when the user types the code in manually. [list][list]
  • When installing Webroot SecureAnywhere from a CD, make sure to note each letter or number as you type. If you're not sure about a character, try it both ways.
  • When installing from an email, you can copy and paste the keycode directly into the installer. To copy and paste your keycode, highlight the full keycode with your mouse, right-click the selection, and select Copy from the context menu. When prompted for the keycode, place your cursor in the keycode entry box, right-click, and select Paste from the context menu.
  • Do you have a previous version of Webroot installed? This could be blocking the installation of the new software. Click here for removal instructions.
  • If you are seeing error message "The keycode could not be verified at this time. Ensure that SecureAnywhere is allowed to connect to the Internet and try again," click here.  
  • If you are receiving error FZLC0055, click here.  
  •  If you are receiving error FZLC0056: Invalid or Unknown Keycode, click here.  

If you are still not able to install Webroot, click here to submit a Support Ticket.
 Hope this helps?