You'll never guess who's getting into the gaming space

  • 19 January 2016
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Iron Maiden - yes, that Iron Maiden:
The video game, called "Legacy of the Beast," is a free-to-play role-playing game for iOS and Android. It will include characters taken from Iron Maiden songs and feature the band's music.

5 replies

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Well, there is a surprise...the question is whether this will spawn copycats from other similar era groupe...I can just see a 'Stairway to Heaven' game that is a cross between Super Mario & the Angry Birds...LOL
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Hihi then i wonder what will be the purpose of the game if this Afroman would get into the gaming business. Guess then the game would not be sponsored by the ATF...
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They actually had a game bundled with their "Ed Hunter" Greatest Hits album in 1999... Let's just say it wasn't very good... 
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Yeah someone told me about that - here's a video of it:
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I am totlay not ressurecting a dead thread.... BUT
There was another game made a while ago in in 2009 but it was a fantastic game Brutal Ledgend I dont know if any of you played it, if not definetly check it out its on steam and totaly worth the buy, even if you dont plan on buying just watch the trailer, I think it will change your mind :D
Brad ressurector of dead threads!