add PC Cleaner, OTR and Realtime protect

  • 8 September 2015
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I talked with a young man earlier today and he offered me a package of the following:  PC cleaner, OTR and Realtime protection package at $199 a year.  Reason was I have AARP and my brother was in service so this enabled me a discount.  Please have someone call me to discuss adding these items TODAY as my contract runs out TODAY.
Shirley M

1 reply

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Hello Shirley, welcome to the Webroot Community, 
First of all, I have removed your phone number to protect your privacy.
The products you mention are not Webroot products, and we cannot endorse, support or provide any form of assistance with them in this Community.  I am not sure who you talked to, but it was not a representative from Webroot.
I would caution you strongly against attempting to follow up with the offier.  $199 per year is extraordinarily high, so you would be well advised to do some heavy research before providing any form of payment.