Adobe Flash-player and Periscope are blocked on my wife's ACER Laptop. Why?

How can I download these programs if Webroot blocks them?

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Would you download periscope from here and  here look here at this post for AdobeFlash,
Webroot will block these downloads when they are not safe and that you should only download from their Websites only.
Hope this helps?
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I tried to download Periscope from ITunes and it was blocked. The Flashplayer was from second party sites, so I'll try Adobe. Thanks for your reply.
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Hi safetyjack,
I am not familiar with Periscope but I've opened this program in iTunes and haven't a problem getting this. This program was installed on my IOS iPad and my Mac. So I'm not sure why Webroot blocked the download. Have you tried Periscope from the Google Play store? not sure if this will work for an Acer though.