• 6 February 2014
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When browsing in IE or Firefox, I don't see this happening: the Web Shield analyzes the search results and displays an image next to each link, letting you know whether it's a trusted site or a potential risk.
Thanks for the help.

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Hi 1953buick (by the you own one?)
Welcome to the Community Forums...:D
This Web Threat Shield is 'new' to the 2014 version and as such is being rolled out (still) to users...not sure how far along we it is possible that you have not yet received the new functionality...but to check if you have the best thing to do is to check whether you have Webroot add-ons installed in your browsers, and if you have then whether these have been enabled.
So please check that and post back.  Of course if you do find that you have disabled Webroot addons (Webroot Toolbar, Webroot Vault (unless you are using the Antivirus version) & Webroot Filtering Extension) then enable the Filtering Extension, restart your browser(s) and try a Google search.
Let us know if that helps/what you find.
Hello Baldrick,
Thanks for the reply.  Yes, I do own a 1953 Buick Super, in fact two of them.  Trying to restore one from parts from both.
To answer your other question, the only add-on I have from Webroot is the tool bar.  So, guess I wait until I am invited to that option?
Thanks for your help.
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Hi 1953buick
Ahh, a classic car restorer...kudos for that...nice hobby...:)
OK, keep an eye out for a prompt/notification on browser startup notifying you of new addons installed...that should be your cue that the rollout has reached you...altough I have heard of some users never seeing do check periodically.
Ultimately, if you are not rolled out to by later this month then please post back here and we can try to see if there is anything further that can be done.  Conversely, as and when you get the rollout do come back here and mark the thread a ]s helps us focus on those unsolved thread.