(Bug) "Scan with webroot" on right click menu Recycle Bin?

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I am a  new user to Webroot Secure Anywhere Essentials 2012 and so far I think its just fantastic :)
However I think there is a bug or glitch that I have found and am hoping it will be fixed.
After I right click on the Recycle Bin and run "Scan with webroot" it disappears from the right click menu. Even if the same files still remain in the Recycle Bin "Scan with webroot" is gone the very next time I right click on the Recycle Bin.
However I also noticed when you add more files to the Recycle Bin the  "Scan with webroot" returns to the right click menu.
I also noticed when there are no files in the Recycle Bin there is still a "Scan with webroot" in the right click menu. Like for example if a restore a file from the Recycle Bin the "Scan with webroot" remians on the right click menu even though there are no more files in the Recycle Bin.
Is this how the "Scan with webroot" is supposed to work?
I would like it to be changed so when there are no files in the Recycle Bin the "Scan with webroot" will not appear on the right click menu. You should only see the "Scan with webroot" on the right click menu over the Recycle Bin if there are files in it.
 "Scan with webroot" does not even need to be on the right click menu for the Recycle Bin! I mean why would anyone really have the need to run a virus scan for files in the Recycle Bin anyway? Would you think about just removing the "Scan with webroot" from the right click menu on the Recycle Bin? I have used a lot of other Antivirus software and I don't remember any of them even having a " Scan with" on the Recycle Bin.
But if you really must have the "Scan with webroot" on the right click menu for the Recycle Bin can you at least correct the issue?
I am running Webroot Secure Anywhere Essentials 2012 Version on Windows 7 64 Bit SP1 Home  Premium.
Thanks for your time.

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Hi Michael!
Welcome to the Webroot Community!
Thanks for bringing this bug to our attention, we will take a look at this and see if we can figure out why it's happening.
We appreciate you taking the time to let us know about this issue and value your input.
Thanks again!
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Yup, can reproduce this one exactly as Michael has described even on v8.0.1.184.  Very interesting!
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Thank you for finding this problem. It was a reproducible issue and is being handled as a defect. Development is now aware of the issue.
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I am happy to help! :D
And if I find any more bugs or defects I will be sure and post about them here.
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Hello gate1975mlm, Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum. :D
Good catch on the WSA "Bug".
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Glad I could help :D
I am not sure how Webroot plans to fix this however if it was me I would just remove the "Scan with webroot" completely from the right click menu on the Recycle Bin. I have used a lot of other Anti Virus software in the past and while all of them have a right click menu "Scan with" feature none of them had it on the  Recycle Bin. Its just not really needed there I think.
But if Webroot feels it must stay there I hope at least they get it working correctly which I am sure they will :)
I must say having been a Avast user for years it is a pleasure using Webroot Secure Anywhere Essentials 2012 now. Its so fast and light and I really do feel protected too.
I just hope it stays fast and light and does not get bloated like almost every other anti virus software on the market..
I believe Webroot Secure Anywhere Essentials 2012 is the very first version of its kind so it should only get better from here :D 
Keep up the great work Webroot you have a real gem on your hands! :manhappy:
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Hi gate1975mlm
Completely agree that availability of Scan with Webroot in the Recycle Bin context menu seems superflous.  Should be removed unless there is a good reason for it being there.
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I'm using Win 7 x64 and the Context Menu Scan with Webroot for the Recycle Bin is still missing  with v8.0.1.193! And I rebooted a couple times to make sure and had a few files in there.
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Great News!
Just installed newest build and indeed the "Scan with webroot" on right click menu Recycle Bin "BUG" is now fixed!
Thanks Webroot 🙂
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Right, TH, the bug was fixed by removing the option. The lead developer ended up agreeing with Gate and Baldrick that the option should just be removed. So that is by design. 🙂
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Thanks Jim I was looking at the change log for it! :S
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Good point!  I just changed the text in the change log here to clarify.  Thanks TripleHelix 🙂
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It appears there was some confusion surrounding how this fix was to be implemented.  Regardless of whether the option is supopsed to be present or not, the current state seems to be inconsistent in some cases.
The current state I'm seeing on my own test box is that it now appears the option is present until you scan the recycle bin once.  Then it disappears.  It can be brought back by right-clicking any other icon on the desktop and then right-clicking the recycle bin again.  So it would appear this isn't fixed after all since it's still showing up inconsistently.  This issue will probably still need to be looked at in greater detail by development.  For the time being, I would say it's still under investigation, and I'm going to amend the release notes displayed on Community appropriately.  I do believe there was an improvement made regarding the context menu, but it doesn't look like it resolves this issue entirely.
So far I have reproduced this issue as described above on a Windows 7 (32bit) system.  Is anyone else seeing it on other operating systems?
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JimM It seems 100% fixed on my end.
I found out I had to uninstall build then restart my computer and then install new build and issue is now 100% fixed :)
If you just install new version over old version the "Scan with webroot" on right click menu Recycle Bin will still be an issue.
You must uninstall old build restart computer then install new version and the issue should now be 100% fixed.  
I am running Windows 7 Home 64 BIt
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It's not showing up on Win 7 x64 I even tried what you did Jim!
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Thank you both very much for checking and letting us know the results!  :)
With this testing and some internal testing in mind as well, it appears the issue was resolved in Windows 7 (32 and 64).  The recycle-bin context menu will not appear anymore, which is now normal behavior.  However, it does require uninstalling and reinstalling as Gate noted above.
XP behaves a little bit differently.  One must reboot the computer after the uninstallation and reinstallation in order for the issue to be resolved entirely and the option to no longer appear on the recycle bin.
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I didn't unistall but I did a clean install of .191 a few days earlier then it updated to .193 and it does not show up here! ;)  Also I just checked Win 8 RP 32bit Beta Build 8400 and it does not show up there!! ;)

so is this update better to uninstall and reinstall than to just let Webroot SA update by itself ?
i have it on 2 XP boxes and one Win7 laptop
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You could, but you only really need to do that if you care about the purely cosmetic issue of something useless but non-harmful unintendedly appearing on the recycle bin when you right-click it.
It's about as minor of a defect as they come.  🙂
ok thanks so very much i will let Webroot SA update on it's own then