(BUG) Secure Anywhere Essentials slowing down my Media Players on open!

  • 4 June 2012
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I have been running Webroot Secure Anywhere Essentials 2012 for about 25 days and I really do love it and it has become my favorite AntiuVirus software.
However I started noticing somethig very strange going on lately.
2 of my media players Daum PotPlayer x64 Edition and Media Player Classic - Home Cinema x64 take like 6 seconds to open with Webroot Secure Anywhere running. If I close down Webroot Secure Anywhere both my media players open in less then 1 second just about instantly. And if I turn Webroot Secure Anywhere back on both media players still will continue to open in about 1 second. Then after so many hours have past all of a sudden both media players take 6 seconds or more to open again. Also if I just change any Prosses from Allow, Monitor or Block under System Tools, System Control, Start Control Active Processes menu it once again aloow both my media players to open in 1 second.
So to sum this all up in normal use both these media players should always open in 1 second or less. But for some reason Webroot Secure Anywhere slows them to a crawl. And like I said shuting down and restarting  Webroot Secure Anywhere fiuxed it for maybe a few hours. And moving an active prosses from  Allow, Monitor or Block also fixes it for a few hours.
This is happening even on a brand new freshly installed Windows 7 PC. 
I am running Webroot Secure Anywhere Essentials 2012 Version on Windows 7 Home 64 Bit.
If this can not be fixed I am going to be really sad because other the this issue and one other issue with the "Scan with Webroot" feature Webroot Secure Anywhere Essentials 2012 works wonderful!
Hope you can help :)

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Hey gate1975mlm,
If you know the media players are legitimate you can set the "Control Active Processes" setting to "Allow". This delay in boot time may have been caused by the programs being set to "Monitor". In this case SecureAnywhere journals the programs activity while it determines whether it is a threat or not. If the program turned out to be a threat for instance, the damage could be reversed. 
If you trust the programs, you can set them to "Allow" and test the performance and boot times for a few days. It would be best to keep the system in a constant state when testing so that you can isolate where the performance hit is coming from.
Please let me know if you continue to have issues. 😃
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I tried that already early this week with no change.
Both media players were being monitored so I changed them to Allow and a few hours later they were both taking around 6 seconds to open again. And as soon as I restart Secure Anywhere Essentials or even change the setting back from Allow to Monitor will allow the media players to open in 1 second again.
Also another question for you I see a lot of my very trusted software is being monitored. These are very safe programs now I know I can just change them all to allow. However is there anyway I can report them to Webroot and and have them  be Allowed by default in a future update?
There a quit a few that are monitored that are very safe and popular programs.
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For any cases in which you believe we should whitelist items, you should report those items through the support system.  The reason for this is that we need to be able to see a log of what we are already doing with those items, and the best way to obtain that data is via the support system since it facilitates the gathering of logs.  I would encourage you to open a case here.